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About me

Hi My name is Sophia Zito I am currently a level 2 IT Student and New College Stamford. I am 18 years old, An aquarius girl, who focuses on her work and studies. I try my best to get the best grades I can.

One of my biggest weaknesses is maths, as much as I try my hardest I really struggle with it no matter how much I try and study it.

Another weakness of mine is Communicating, I sometimes find it hard to talk to others but I hope in time I will manage to gain my confidence and speak better with people.


I love gaming in my free time,it's my way to escape reality and to be free for awhile. I love listening to music, I listen to all different types of music, pop, rock, rap, latin, kpop, japanese, International, eurovison

I also enjoy my time watching tv shows, they make you imagination come to life. Watching tv shows help with my creativity. I am also a writer when I am inspired, I almostly write emotional based poetry but sometimes short stories.

Future Goals

My future goal is to get a graphics degree, so I can further extend my skills and education. Getting a graphic degree wil help me on my career path of potentially becoming a graphic designer. If my dream fails I hope to go into marketing instead.

Another one of my goals is when I have been able to get a job or apprenticeship I want, I would use some of the money to go into driving lessons, so that I can learn how to drive and hopefully pass and drive to work instead of taking buses for the rest of my life.

If the goals above had been accomblished I would like to be able to visit different countries, since as a child I didn't get to go on holiday much. It would be a great opportunity to visit the countries, and exploring their culture.

I hope you have enjoyed learning a bit more about me.