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Unit 6 Creating Digital Graphics

In this unit we were asked to make two different digital graphics. One must be a Vector and the other one must be a Bitmap.

A bitmaps have pixels for example a bitmap would be an image. A vector is drawn or created, some examples of vectors are: a poster, logo or illustration and text.

The design brief for this unit was to create an image for a slide show that will be displayed in the digital skills centre to promote a games development holiday club and poster for the parents to inform them and persuade them to let their child to join the holiday club

Some of the client requirements were to add an example of the games you can create and to include something to do with scratch. Scratch is the software they will be using to create the games within the holiday club

Unit 6 Image for Games Development CLub

This is the image I created for the slide show for the digital skills centre, I included in the image of someone using the software they will be using in the club with and example of what games they could create beside it, as well as a title of the club at the top of the image. I have also used the scratch logo and a logo I created for the games development club.

Unit 6 Poster for Games Development CLub

This is the poster I created for the Games development club, I created this poster with Adobe Illustrator.

The poster will be sent out and be spread around the college, The poster's are mostly for the parents to persuade them and inform them about te game development holiday club.

The color scheme I used will fit both kids and parents, the text style is readable and looks good on the poster.

The images I used where mixed between games, students using computer's and of the scratch logo and New College Stamford logo. I also created my own title with a pacman logo within it. I used pacman because you can possibly be able to make pacman when using scratch.

The client requirements were to add the college logo atleast 4 assets, use of text and the information that was provided in the meeting and within the brief.

Here is a google slide presentation of some graphic designs I reviewed, I am proud of how well I designed and presented this presentation and worked really hard on it and it paid of with me getting a Distinction

I got a Level 2 distinction for this unit.