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Unit 13 Website Development

In this unit we were asked to create a website for the digital skills centre for New College Stamford. The website is meant to promote the digital skills centre to older students and local businesses in the area. The site should include all courses the digital skills centre provides, a brochure with full details of all of the courses, contact information so potential students can apply, and a enquiry form where anyone can send in a problem or an emquiry they have and they will get a reply by someone from the College.

Some of the requirements were to create at least 8 pages, use 4 or more assets, create a table and a form, must use college logo. I met all of these requirements.

I have created this short video for you to watch to see how the website I created looks likes and how it works.

I created the site with HTML coding and CSS. I created 9 pages for the site and included all that I could included, I used external links to other sites as well.

I enjoyed working on this unit and writing all the code out for it, It was interesting and pretty cool to see that all you write can be able to create a website.

Here is a Google slides power point I created of the review of my website, in this power point I have included all screen prints of the changes I created, with the first original designs.

I achieved a Level 2 Distinction for this Unit.